Massive profits in forex oil and currencies before Congress session to discuss the attack on Syria 04.09.2013

Massive profits in forex oil and currencies before Congress session to discuss the attack on Syria 04.09.2013It seems that we will see a very nervous time in global stock sessions during the next two days because of expectations with the consent of Congress to wage war on Syria or not But regardless of what you may end up the opinion of members of Congress, the days that separate us from the session of Congress will be the most profitable days of the most courageous among others

The best scenario for the apprehensive is to purchase of Oil and Currency pairs accordance to the best price today and disposed of before the end of the week making very high profits compared to regular days

If you are one of those who prefer this scenario mentioned you can follow the buy and sell prices over the next two days s shown in the following analysis

EUR/NZD for September 4, 2013

The wave path, we expected yesterday, took on a slightly different path as blue wave iii of red wave v (see the 15 minute chart below) extended more than expected and blue wave iv became an expanding triangle, that meant a deeper decline in wave v towards 1.6801. In short-term we would like to see support at 1.6829 protect the downside for a break above minor, but important, resistance at 1.6933 as a break above here will be the first good indication, that wave ii is in place and wave iii higher towards 1.7274 and 1.8228 is developing. The risk is a break below 1.6801, that would delay the expected rally for a move closer to 1.6762 before going up.

Trading recommendation:

Stay long in EUR or buy after a break above 1.6933 and keep your stop at 1.6800.

Oil – Mathematical analysis with Murray lines for September 04, 2013

Finally, in 1 hour charts note that the crude oil is about to break a trendline. Reinforces our theory that stands in line 108.59 7/8 (yellow line).

And as you mention this line is a weak line of resistance to be overcome and it can lead to a probable price target at 110.94.

So, for today, Wednesday September 4, our suggestion is:

Buy up to: 107.81

Stop loss: 107.03

Take Profit: 110.94

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